Expression of Concern for Social Worker Provision at MTU

18 March 2020

To the Monash Health Executive Team

Re: Expression of Concern for Social Worker Provision at MTU

Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Australia would like to express our concern, on behalf of patients, regarding the provision of a dedicated social worker for patients attending the Medical Therapy Unit at Monash Health.

Mary Tassigiannakis, who has been serving the patients at the MTU for 27 years, has recently retired. While her experience and knowledge cannot be replaced immediately, it is of great importance that Monash Health will be able to provide a suitable replacement that can provide for MTU patients on a regular and consistent basis just as Mary did.

Managing a haemoglobinopathy is complex. Many patients encounter challenges that are unique to their situation. For many years, the experience and expertise of a dedicated social worker at MTU were able to help patients navigate these challenges. This must continue.

We, and the patients of the MTU, implore the management of Monash Health to pledge in continuing this vital service for haemoglobinopathy patients at the MTU and the future transfusion unit.

Enclosed are the signature and names of patients expressing the same concern.


Peter Verveniotis


Robbin Vissakodeti

Vice Chair