TASCA Infusion Pump Program

Eligible TASCA members and patients with haemoglobin disorders in Australia are able to receive a free loan of an infusion pump for free for up to to 3 months.

TASCA offers this service to ensure the continuation of treatment when patient might not have access to a pump temporarily during repairs or other situations.

The model of infusion pump might change due to availability. The current model offered is:

MicroPump Thalapump 20 (Micrel)

To request a loan of an infusion pump contact us or fill in the Application Form and return to TASCA’s office by mail or email. You can also upload your form below.

Loan of an infusion pump is subject to availability and TASCA reserves the change the terms of the loan at any time. 

Terms & Conditions

In exchange for a loan of an infusion pump from TASCA, I agree as follows:

 1.     I have sought appropriate medical advice from a doctor that the use of this equipment is required for my medical care.

2.     TASCA is loaning the equipment to me on an “as is” basis and makes no representations about the condition or usability of the equipment.

3.     I will be the only user of the equipment and will be responsible for the proper use, storage and care, as well as the proper procedures and methods for administration, of the infusion pump in accordance with operating instructions detailed in the instruction booklet.

4.     I will be responsible for the purchase of consumables (i.e. syringes, batteries etc.).

5.     I will accept all liability for, and will not hold TASCA or any of its employees or representatives responsible for, any claims for damage, loss, injury, death, costs, or expenses arising out of or relating to the equipment while I am borrowing it, whether the claims are asserted by me or a third party, and whether the claims are asserted against me and/or TASCA, or any of its employees or representatives.

6.     I am responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and that I will return it promptly, after I no longer need to use it, in the same condition that I borrowed it, except for reasonable wear and tear.